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/assists in this revival

[Kyon is sitting, sleeping in what looks slightly like the SOS Brigade's Clubhouse, only... not. In fact, it looks strikingly similar to the way that the room was before Haruhi got to it. Just a long table, a bookshelf, no desktop computers, nothing.

Yes, this happens to be the Literature Club's room. Kyon had been flipping through a book before he fell asleep, hence why his face is just about buried in it. Soon, he stirs, stretching and yawning as he checks a clock in the room.]
Oh. I guess it's time to go home. Hey, Nagato, it's--

[Suddenly, he realizes that the usual other club member isn't sitting across from him as usual. He scratches his head... would Nagato have gone on without him? Maybe Asakura came to get her and left him there.] Hm... guess I should go then. [And he stands, until the door is opened.]

((OOC: WHO IS AT DOOR? Er, this would happen to be an AU Kyon. This Kyon is essentially based off of The Vanishment of Yuki Nagato manga, which in a way, would be a Kyon from the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya world. If you're not with me by now, hopefully it'll become clear as we go along.))


*Nagato is walking around the school, seemingly doing nothing. Although she is also not reading and does not have a book in her hand. Approach y/n?*

[ooc: This Nagato is a AU set in the second terminator movie. So yes, she's a killer robot sent from the future to protect the future leader of the world, Kyon! Feel free to try to chat. She'll be even less social as usual and might not know some characters.]


Fresh meat :B

'Great. Just great! Not only am I lost (When did the school get so big??) but the Shinjin are attacking!'

Just what on Earth's going on??

'Where's Koizumi when you need her?'


I meant to do this days ago. S-sob.

-Here's a sight: an Itsuki who's clueless! And who's carrying what appears to be a gun in one hand while he tries to avoid getting turned into a pancake by the Shinjin.-

Does anyone here know what those things currently smashing up the school are?


Are those... Regishin!?

No, they look different, but it's only subtle... What are they doing here anyway!?


My~ this is an interesting change of pace, all things considered.

[Despite that, she is just... chilling inside one of the classrooms. She tried to leave the school, found she couldn't, and seems to find herself unphased. Seems, anyway]


Aug. 9th, 2009

Urrgh, my head... What the hell happened to me?

... That wasn't my voice just now was it? ... And my body feels... No. No way.

... *facepalm*


tsun!mikuru anyone?

*Mikuru's attitude seems different for once... for one she's not moeblobbing all over the place. In fact she looks rather... moody.*

almost as if i'm reliving february again

Oi, Haruhi! Have you seen this room yet? It looks like a planetarium! I can see all of the planets too! Bring Koizumi, Nagato and Asahina-san along too! I bet that'd make a pretty great SOS Brigade event, we could look for all of the planets in the Solar System. That'd be a good way to waste time search for aliens, right?

*Oh lord. Kyon is over-eager to do this stuff, etc etc. Yeah, have fun with his slightly obnoxious optimism.*